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End this console arguement

Who the hell cares if the xbox one is better than ps4 or ps4 better than xbox one. Their the same thing. same graphics and same purpose of consoles. To play games. the difference is that the games and design and controller. So quit arguing and do something other than argue. And dont get mad at other peoples opinion about the systems. Its their word. NOT yours.

See The Purge!

See The Purge!

My Kitty sleeping.

The Word.

The word is not simply a scribbled symbol or a spoken sound
The word is not like a roaring lion that no one really fears
No, the word has power
And it can be your most trusted friend or your most terrible foe
You see like a seed, the word gives life
Like a lamp, the word gives light
Like a mirror the word reflects
Like water, the word washes
Like fire, the word cleanses
Like a hammer, the word shatters
Like a sword, the word cuts
Oh but like medicine, the word heals
And like a counselor, the word comforts
You see the word is alive, and it is waiting
Waiting for you to summon it like a soldier, and send it into battle
So speak

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